Confidence Coach

Confidence Is a Skill You Can Grow Quickly With Confidence Coaching

You probably know some individuals who seem to get the work, get the recognition, get talked about, and yet you know you could do a better job than they do. It’s their confidence that people focus on and respond to.

You may well have spent years knowing that if you were just a little more confident, a little bit braver, you would have won more work and be in a far better position. However, like most professionals or those of us who work for ourselves, we take more training in the belief that our training is what people will respond to.

As a professional, continuing to develop your skills is essential, and confidence is a distinct set of skills you need to learn – a different area of knowing.

Confidence for a professional is a deep trust in yourself and your abilities, together with a clear understanding of where your limits are. Confidence for professionals is not a gung-ho do-anything attitude!

Confidence coaching is an accelerated path to developing these fresh and potentially life and business-changing skills. Working with a professional coach gives you a mechanism for identifying the additional skills you’ll need, getting support as you grow with new challenges, and accelerating your learning from these experiences. Through this process, your trust in yourself and your own ability to deliver in a range of circumstances grows.

Most of the books you’ve read, or even courses you’ve attended will be focusing on confidence for a more extroverted personality. Introverts, or highly sensitive people do confidence differently. They can do it exceptionally well, if they do it in the right way; quiet trusting and knowing in themselves and their abilities.

I’ve been working with individuals for almost 30 years. During that time, it has been my passion (some might say obsession), to stay up-to-date with research and science. My main focus is to better understand the processes that go on in people’s brains and minds, so that when I work with an individual I’m paying close attention to the actual processes going on in their mind in the conversation we are having at that moment. I’m not trying to force some one-size-fits-all solution onto the client. Consequently, clients make only those changes that they need for their situation; that will get them closer to where they want to be.

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