Wellness Coach

Wellness coaching: it’s really about being happy!

We live in an age where we have more treatments available than ever before, and yet rates of reported happiness and wellness are falling in most countries. Our medical and psychological services have focused on an ever-increasing collection of ailments, and the philosophy is that if we can solve all these problems then a person will be well.

Is there another strategy?

Wellness is not simply the absence of ill health.

We can take an alternative approach: that wellness is a different place to head to. The definition of wellness will be unique for each person, although we have a good understanding of what some of the major parts are. As we become clearer about what contributes to a person’s sense of well-being, then it becomes easier for people to attain that state.


We have a brain that evolved to be connected, particularly to other people. A meaningful, regular, important connection with other people has been shown many times to boost a person’s sense of self-value and self-worth; it increases a person’s resilience and their ability to bounce back.

Clearly, the way in which you build these connections is going to be unique to you and your life. However, a wellness coach can help you along this path, perhaps by helping you to develop social skills, or by helping you to stay motivated to reach out to others; helping you become the initiator of new relationships rather than hoping that somebody will eventually reach out to you.

Another important connection is with nature. Our brains evolved in a natural environment; research also clearly demonstrates that those who have some sort of regular connection with the natural world tend to be happier.

Meaningful life

We give meaning to much of what we do in our life. A recent study suggested that at least 30% of people realised their jobs had no meaning! If they disappeared from their job or the job ceased to exist, then nothing much in the world would change.

Whilst it’s unlikely that you’re able to change jobs immediately, you can still get meaning from other areas of your life: family, friends, local organisations, helping the environment and so on. Deliberately putting activities in place that bring meaning to you will contribute significantly to your sense of well-being.

Purposeful life

Imagine for a moment that most of your day was spent doing things that that are of great importance to you. You are contributing significantly to the world and others. What you are doing will leave a legacy that will make the world a better place and improve other people’s lives. It might be challenging, but what would your motivation be like? Most people would be highly motivated in such a situation.

Gaining clarity on your purpose is a good way to find the motivation that will help you make the changes you need in order to become the person you want to be. Numerous studies have shown that those people who seem to have a very purposeful life, who are driven in a certain direction, have deliberately cultivated that purpose. It wasn’t there when they set out; they grew into the role. There is an expectation that people will suddenly understand their purpose in a magical flash of light, but this is not true for most people. It’s a resonance you have with the activities you do, rather than a mysterious gift.

If it was simple for you to be clear about your purpose you would have done it. Once again, a wellness coach can help you craft what you’re doing and engage with it in a way that feeds your purpose.

If you’ve reached a point in your life where you realise you want to make changes, to increase wellness and happiness, then perhaps a wellness coach could be the right way forward for you.

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