Personal Coach

Why You May Want To Hire a Personal Coach

Many professionals and owners of small businesses have hired me as a personal life coach. Why?

As a personal coach, I am totally on your side. I’m not accountable to an employer or a professional body. I work for you on your agenda.

My work with you in your personal coach capacity is confidential. So, once again it does not get back to professional bodies, employers, clients, suppliers or anyone else. Colleagues need not know that you’re working with me.

Being your personal coach will give you that edge. Your needs only limit the issues we work together on. Whether it’s dealing with stress and anxiety is or past troublesome events, through to developing your sales and communication skills. I could well help you improve your relationships with partners and other family members, or I could help you develop your creativity and further your passions.

It may be that you’re wanting to change what you do, finding a new path that is more meaningful to you, stepping into the great unknown. I can be the person beside you helping you get clear, improve your decision-making, putting your strategies and techniques together, helping you build the additional skills you’ll need.

One key area that distinguishes you as a professional is your ongoing learning and development. What happens for many professionals is they get better at what they do, and if working for an employer can end up being promoted into a management role, with teams and groups of potentially other professionals and nonprofessionals. Often professionals feel unprepared for this role. If you have found yourself in this position how many books on management have you recently bought?

Another route often taken by professionals is to start their own business. This is a way they can ensure they work in the manner and to the quality that resonates with them. Once again this puts the professionals in a situation where they are learning skills that are nothing to do with the service they deliver.

Once again this is where life coaching can be your ally. A partner who can help you develop these additional skills quickly, so you can stay focused on delivering the service you offer.

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