Life Coach

How a Life Coach Can Add To Your Life

At a guess, you’re reading this page because your life is not quite how you think it could or should be.

You may have a lot of clarity around how you want things to be different. However, the usual situation is people only have a vague idea of what they want, or more usually people just know what they do not want.

Firstly, most people need help getting clarity around what they do want and need in their lives.

It could be you know what you want; however, you don’t know how to get there or you feel there are blocks in the way.

These are all situations where a life coaching could bring great value to your life.

A life coach, such as myself, is somebody with a large collection of skills in helping people get clear about what they want, put plans on how to get there together, overcome blocks and barriers to that progress, and make sure they stay on track.

For many clients, there are issues around confidence, motivation, dealing with overwhelm and stress, relationship challenges, dealing with colleagues, even managing teams, meetings and clients. These are all topics clients routinely ask for coaching with.

A life coach is a professional who is on your side and committed to your success; however, they are not a typical relationship. They are not a boss; they’re not a colleague, not a client, they’re not even a life partner. A life coach is also not a therapist, counsellor or mentor. Having said that, a good life coach could help you make the changes, a therapist would without getting bogged down in your past

Most of the people who are drawn to working with me tend to either be owners of small businesses or professionals- Professionals who are either self-employed or employed. These are all individuals who are aware of the value of developing their skills, achieving goals and performing better. These are people who are ready to learn and to make changes if they only have the right support.

Because of the needs of the people who I work with, it’s been necessary for me to develop skills in a large range of areas relevant to my clients. From relationships to sales, to business management, goal setting, confidence, motivation, overcoming past traumas and the list goes on.

If after reading the content of this site, and perhaps being referred to me, you feel there might be a fit between us, then it is simple. Let’s arrange to talk where we can find out more about what you’re wanting, getting clear on where you are today, then most importantly putting together a plan of action that you will need to follow. Identifying skills and knowledge you’re going to have to acquire. Only at that stage can both of us decide whether what I can offer could be a good fit for you or not.